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Showcase video

The system currently uses Unreal RPCs to broadcast messages to recipients. However, in the upcoming project, the workload will be offloaded to a backend server, and communication will be established through Socket.IO.

WIP showcase video

Please note that the inventory system in the screenshots is not a part of this plugin; it is just meant to demonstrate what you can do with this plugin.


Multiplayer HyperLink Chat System is the first on the marketplace to enable Item Linking in your chat. Item Linking is a common feature in multiplayer RPG games and survival games, but I couldn't find any other product on the marketplace that can do that, so I created it for myself and decided to offer it as marketplace content.

Customized Text Layout to properly wrap ImageDecorators, enabling Emoticons for this chat system.

With this plugin, you can share and showcase items by generating clickable links within the chat, as well as the ability to create multiple hyperlinked text items within your chat easily. You can create up to four chat tabs, which can be added or removed. They can also be dragged around and attached or detached from the tab container. Each chat tab has its own set of Allowed Chat Channels that can be configured in real-time.

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