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This feature enables item linking in the chat, allowing players to click on it to display item tooltips.

Chat Emoticons

Can be typed into the chat using ":", can be easily add or remove emoticons of your own.

Chat Commands

The Chat Command feature allows players to switch channels by using a "/" followed by a shortcut for the desired channel. This feature is highly customizable to meet your specific needs.

Additionally, players can perform actions using commands, such as /bye, /hello, and /laugh.

Server Message

Utilizing Unreal RPCs, this feature broadcasts messages to all clients.

Private Message

Also utilizing Unreal RPCs, this feature broadcasts messages to the intended recipients.

Chat Tab with Allowed Channels:

This feature provides a chat tab that exclusively listens to the allowed channel, which can be configured at runtime. See here

Create and Remove Tabs

Users can create and remove chat tabs. See here

Drag and Drop Tabs:

Chat tabs can be detached or attached to a tab container through drag-and-drop functionality. See here

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