Emoticons added

The Text Layout has been modified to allow wrapping for inline image decorators. As a result, you can now use emoticons in the chat. Emoticons can be added to the chat by typing ":" followed by the emoticon key, and these emoticons are easily customizable.

Focusing Chat or Recipient Editable Text on Tab Key

You can now press the Tab key to switch between the Chat and Recipient Editable Text Box while in the Whisper Channel.

Display the chat input by pressing the Enter key

The chat input is now hidden by default and will appear when you press the Enter key. It will automatically hide itself when the keyboard focus is lost.

Switch channel commands

You can now switch between channels by using commands such as /s, /g, /h, and more. These commands are easily customizable to suit your preferences.

Action commands

You can now perform certain actions, such as playing animations, by using Action Commands like /hello, /bye, /cry, and more. These commands are also easily customizable to meet your specific needs.

Display channel command string next to switch channel widget

The command key to switch to a channel is now displayed next to the switch channel widget.

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