đŸ”ŗLink Item Example

This will guide you through the example functions I made in BP_MIPCS_PC to link an item in the chat.

LinkItem in BP_MIPCS_PC

This function will try to get Item from ItemsDT then call LinkItem() in MIPChatItemLinker

MIPChatItemLinker->LinkItem() requires

  1. ItemNameString: is what will display on the chat.

  2. ItemContent: content u want to pass in order to construct your item, such as ItemId in this example. In my Inventory System, I pass ItemId, EnhanceLevel, Max/Current Durability, etc as JSON string in order to construct my item.

OnItemHyperLinkedClicked delegate

It is a delegate in MIPChatItemLinker which will get triggers when u clicked on item hyperlink text.

When it is triggered we try to find the Item and display the item tooltips.

It is relatively easy for this example, since we only pass the ItemId as ItemContent. In my Inventory System, I need to parse the JSON string and get all the variables I need in order to construct my item.

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